Ride Bus 100 to RDU Airport

Raleigh to RDU for $2.25!

Heading to the RDU International Airport from downtown Raleigh, NC State or Meredith College? Route 100 bus goes to the airport terminals seven days a week for $2.25!

Ride GoTriangle's Route 100 to RDU for $2.25.

How Often Does the Bus Run?

The bus runs every 30 minutes in peak hours and uses the Bus on Shoulder System (BOSS) system to stay on schedule. BOSS allows authorized transit buses with trained drivers to drive on the shoulders of selected freeways at low speeds to bypass congestion. Route 100 starts from downtown Raleigh at 6:10 a.m. Monday-Friday and at 6:40 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Where and When Can I Catch the Bus?

To find the closest stop to you, visit https://maps.google.com/, then following these directions:

  • Choose arrow/directions icon.
  • Choose the bus icon.
  • Type in the address of where you’d like to catch the bus.
  • Choose “RDU International Airport” as your destination.
  • Change the dropdown tab from “leave now” to “depart at.”
  • Click on the 100 route to find the closest place to board the bus.

What’s Along the Route?

Route 100 runs near Meredith College and NC State on Hillsborough Street and picks up passengers at the GoRaleigh Station. The station, located at 214 S. Blount Street between Hargett and Martin streets in the heart of downtown is a quick walk from the Raleigh Convention Center.

What are Payment Options?

You can use cash on the bus, but you must have exact change. One-way fare is $2.25.
Visit GoTriangle's Fares and Passes page to buy regional passes/value cards. (Online purchases are not suggested for one-way fares.)

Need a Map or More Information?

Browse GoTriangle's “maps and schedules” page to find route 100, or call a customer Service representative at (919) 485-RIDE for more information or a print map.

Riding is fun, easy and saves you money. See how you can track Route 100 buses in real time at the Transloc website. (Choose "GoTriangle" from left menu, click on "Go Triangle," choose Route 100, zoom in with + button on the map to find bus stops (blue circles). Click on your stop to know your bus arrival time.