Commute Savings Calculator

Use our cost and savings calculator below to see how much money you can save by riding the bus, vanpooling, carpooling or riding your bike!

Driving Alone Enter Amounts
How many miles (one-way) do you travel each day?   
During a typical week, how many days do you drive alone to work?   
What are your monthly parking costs? $
If your employer offers a monthly subsidy for bus or vanpool costs, enter the monthly amount: $ Vanpool
$ Bus
Cost of gasoline per gallon:
Use AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report for NC for daily gas prices
What is your car's average mileage per gallon?
Use the federal fuel economy guide to determine your vehicle's fuel economy
Vehicle Owning & Operating Costs
Annual Cost for Owning & Operating Your Vehicle: $
Annual Cost for Operating Your Vehicle Only: $

Operating cost includes parking, gasoline, maintenance & tires.

Estimated cost for financing, depreciation, insurance & taxes is $0.50 per mile; based on the Federal Highway Administration's Cost of Owning and Operating a Vehicle.

Other Ways to Travel & Save $$

Method Annual Cost Annual Savings
Riding in a Vanpool (rates based on 12-passenger van with 11 riders and driver) $ $
Carpooling 3 days a week $ $
Carpooling 5 days a week $ $
Riding the Bus** (Regional 30-Day Pass) $ $
Riding the Bus** (Regional Day Pass) $ $
Biking to Work* 2 Days a Week $ $

Note:"The Annual Savings" is calculated by subtracting the "Annual Cost" of each alternative mode of transporation from the "Annual Operating Costs" of your personal vehicle. It is assumed that you would still have to pay the annual costs for owning your vehicle.

*The cost to bike to work includes the cost for tires, tubes and bike tune-ups (approximately $0.10 per mile). The cost also includes the cost for driving alone during the days that you are not commuting to work by bicycle.

**The regional day pass can be purchased for $4 on Triangle Transit, CAT & DATA buses. The pass is valid for unlimited rides on all 3 systems. Triangle Transit also sells discounted bundles of day passes.