New Year, New Commute

NYNC 2018 Brown 1_1.pngIt's 2018! If the only thing your commute does for you is get you to work, we have some ideas.

Whether you want to get healthier, save money, or use your time more effectively, changing your commute can help make your resolution a reality. Don’t procrastinate. Start your resolutions now! The New Year, New Commute Campaign only lasts until January 31st! (Don’t worry though, you can track your progress year round in the Share the Ride NC Commute Calendar.)

New Year, New Commute wants to help you learn about alternatives to driving alone, so you can meet your goals in 2018.

  • No matter how you choose to go smart, register for the FREE Emergency Ride Home Program so you can get home if the unexpected happens when you’re at work.

  • Get Rewarded for your Go! The GoPerks incentive program gives away $500 a month in gift cards from local businesses to employees who GoSmart and track their trips at Share the Ride NC.

  • Get information about ALL of the commute options that meet your needs and schedule by getting personalized assistance! Complete this form and we'll do all the work.

  • Did you know writing down goals helps achieve your desired results? Take the pledge here or in the form below!

New Year's Resolutions

1) Get More Exercise
Public transit users get more physical activity than those who drive alone, three times as much! 

Get on the bus, turn on your step counters, and you'll have your 10,000 in no time, all without making a special trip to the gym. 
Your commute could be the key to losing a few pounds!

2) Save Money
The annual cost to own and operate a vehicle is $8,469

To put that in perspective, the average cost of a week-long Caribbean vacation for four is $7,000. Most people can't abandon their vehicles completely to pad their getaway funds, but changing your commute just once a week can have a big impact on your budget.

To find out how much you can sock away, crunch the numbers with this Fuel Savings Calculator. Also, if you’re really committed to savings, you can see what you would save if you went completely car free in 2018.

3) Live Your Best Life
If you want to get organized, use your time effectively, and de-stress, we suggest you get out of your car and into a commute that can work for you, instead of against you. 

Catch up on your reading, work on your budget, and plan a month's worth of healthy meals while you ride. Taking the bus or carpooling to work lets you carve a little out of your day just for you.

How to Get Started

No matter how you choose to go smart, register for the FREE Emergency Ride Home Program so you can get home if the unexpected happens when you’re at work.

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    • Share the Ride NC helps you find carpools and vanpools! Don't think anyone lives near you? We have commuters coming to the Triangle from Fayetteville, High Point, and even Virginia - and vice versa. Take a chance to see if there is a perfect fit for you. You can even choose if you want to be the driver or passenger.

    • Here are the current Vanpool routes and an overview of how to carpool.

    • Prefer to give us a call? 919-485-RIDE (7433) is here to help! Ask for assistance finding a carpool or vanpool, and they'll get you to the right person.


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