What vanpoolers say:

In a survey of vanpool participants, more than half said they decided to start vanpooling to save money.  However, once they became regular riders, it was the simple pleasure of not driving alone that was the most rewarding aspect of vanpooling!

Join a vanpool and save! 

When you think about vanpooling, think triple the benefits. Let Triangle Transit pay for your gas, maintenance and insurance for a low monthly fare. You may even be eligible to ride for free or at a reduced cost if your employer will subsidize your fare.

Join a vanpool today! You will save lots of money. Calculate your savings to see how much.

Here’s how it works:

  • Meet others at a central location near your home.
  • Read, sleep, listen to music or talk on your way to work.
  • Get dropped off at your workplace or get preferred parking.
  • Leave at your scheduled time, without being stuck at the office.
  • Arrive at home safe and sound, well-rested and ready for your evening.