Ride Smart, Take the Van!

Take a ride on us - Getting your free ride is easy!

1. Start a *new or join an existing vanpool by July 31, 2017. (Check out existing vanpools here.)

2. Pay your first month's fare, and complete our rebate request form after your first month.

3. Get a rebate up to $100 for your out-of-pocket expenses for 3 months*

*You will receive a rebate for the cost of your first three month's vanpool fare, minus any subsidies. For example, if your first month's fare is $75 and your company provides a $50 subsidy, you will be reimbursed $25, your cost for riding the van. Also, in lieu of a one-time $300 deposit for starting a new vanpool, an additonal $25 will be charged per van each month. 

A vanpool is like a carpool, but GoTriangle provides the van, insurance, and maintenance — all for a low, monthly fare. Información en español.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Join a current vanpool, or choose to start your own!

  1. Check our list of current vanpools to see if one fits your need and has empty seats.

  2. If not, visit our create a new vanpool page to learn how to start your own.

Questions? Contact the Vanpool Manager at 919-485-7462 or by email at


Create a new vanpool just the way you like it.

Simply decide when and where you want the vanpool to go (must travel at least 10 miles each way), and we’ll invite others to join.

*Note:The minimum number to start a seven-passenger van is five passengers. A 12-passenger van requires nine passengers. The driver is included in the count.

Our friendly staff will help promote your vanpool by: